Get a Trusted Advisor on YOUR side!

Talk to any super successful person who has an ounce of humilty and they are the first to point out that they did not make it alone.
They had a team of people supporting them, calling bullshit when required and keeping their head out of their ass so that they could stay on track with their big goals.

As a businesswoman of 30 years and over 25 years coaching amazing women like you (even if you don't believe it yet), I know from experience that my clients have been able to be more successful in ALL areas of their life from this type of support.

I have watched my clients add 11-58% top line revenue, and 23-102% to the bottom line profits.

These are numbers to celebrate, but more important is the fact that they did it while learning to work less, delegate more, be stronger leaders, and feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

Let’s get you what you need
when you need it!

Hiring a trusted advisor is different from hiring a coach. Your advisor is with you longer term, they get to know you deeply and learn to call you on your shit and get you on track quickly.  

The support structure is different too. You have me on call (but not after 8 PM EST - not a night owl), and we have regular sessions as well. You may not need in-depth sessions but when shit is up that is when we address it.

From quick negotiation tactics, to feeling triggered we address it and keep you moving forward.

You and I will discuss what kind of schedule for sessions are going to work for you, mapping out a strategy. Typically my clients choose to meet with me 1 x per week for 30 min and then use an app called Voxer to connect for support outside of those sessions.

Between calls and support check in's, I am working on you - DAILY - through distance energy sessions. These sessions provide a high level energetic support and healing. I can keep tabs on you and keep you inside of a protective container that keeps you "safe" energetically.

The combination of this deep level of support that allows you maximum time freedom will keep you on track and focused - which allows you to scale up with way more ease. 

What is the investment?

You are unique and rather than making you fit in the box, let's create the package that works for you.

Investment for 1:1 ranges from $500 to $2500 per month

Best Options...

Sign Up for 1 Year

If you have not worked with me, I would suggest you pick one or three months to get started so that we have a strong bond of trust and I know you well.

This will allow us to work in shorter segments - gawd knows you have shit to do in your life.

We can also address issues or make use of the intuitive or channeled downloads through Voxer between sessions.

Weekly sessions @ 30 min each (typical but we can tailor this to you)
On-call support via voxer
365 Energy sessions to support to keep you at peek performance

Package pricing varies and will be customized to your needs. 

3 Month Foundational Work

This program allows us to map out the essential tools you will need for handling your subconscious brain, and dealing with any residual issues that have not been fully rooted out.

We set up your subconscious to be able to release in the background while you get back to your life.

We also get you situated with the re-programming of your brain for success and wealth that will be required to grow.

Getting your head out of your ass so that you can get on with your world domination plans!

Weekly sessions @ 45 min
Unlimited Support via Voxer
90 Distance Energy session to support your transformation for the full 3 months

1 Month Trial

If you are pretty sure you want to bring me on as one of your key trusted advisors, lets do a test run of one month to make sure we fit.

If we make a good team then we can move you over to either the 3 month package or the full year depending on what you need.

4 sessions @ 45 min each
Unlimited Support via voxer
30 Distance Energy sessions to support you for the month.