Woohoo! Time to get your autographed copy of my books!

Okay, so that is a wee bit egotistical of me, but hey if you can't celebrate your own work - who the hell is going to do it for you?

I will tell you straight up that if you have an an account with one of the big book sellers you are going to find the books cheaper over there.

Buy your book here if you love giving money directly to the author and you love having a personal message put in the book for you (I get to feel like a celebrity for a brief moment 😉) 

"The most unusual business book for mindset you are likely going to find"

If you don't shake up your thought patterns you will fail to achieve something different than what you have always gotten.

This book takes you into the dungeon, casts a spell on you and then guides you on how to use the learnings from that world to shape yourself into a badass in business.

Compelling, experiential, eye-opening AND most of all packed with the tools you need to get your head out of your ass and get you back on track with your massive plans.

$29 (includes shipping within Canada) 

Need a handy pick me up?

These page a day inspirations will set you up for a kick ass day!

And for you keeners in the crowd, they are paired with exercise to take the learning and integrate it into your life.

90 + a few bonus days to get you on track!

This book was the start of my days as an author (because you really needed to know that lol) 

$25 (includes shipping within Canada)