Trusted Advisor Mentorship Program

Getting your head out of your ass so you can get on with building your business!

This one is for you! 
Brave, bold and crazy enough to change the world.

Strong, sustainable business are not built over night.

It takes time and you need people on your side, not just to cheer you on but to call it like it is and lovingly hold your feet to the fire to make sure that you get there.

Building your business past the start up phase take a different set of skills. Ditch the spaghetti against the wall and let's drill down on the mindset, the marketing and the strategy you need next.

It is about refinement now.

You have done the foundational work and now you need more clients with less hustle.

This means the your messaging needs to be layered in on your ideal client - ack! that fucking ideal client avatar again! Yup! You really do need to know who you are talking to in order to draw them in.

You are going to want to hate me, but at the same time you will love me. I am going to get you to step up, get comfortable with things that scare you. Lean into that pain and surrender to the Universe.

Here is the deal, you know you need to shift both the mindset and the tactical. Most programs will not dare to take on both streams at once...but then I am not your average kinda gal! And neither are you!

This is NOT for everyone!

If you love to stay where you are, whine about shit not working for you, or you want to be seen as the one to cheer on the group without asking for support...find another fucking group!

I am not kidding!

I want people who know that the growth happens from tackling the challenge, and that I will call you on your shit - with love of course! I know you want to get going, and I hate wasting your time.

I will also fight for you to see how brilliant you really are!
I love my clients and I get super passionate about seeing them succeed.

For those who are not ready for 1:1 support but would love a container that fosters growth through a badass mindset, practical woo and channeled business strategy and marketing tactics.

Group calls
Access to me via Community Channels
Access to awesome Online Trainings

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This is for you if...

You have the basics and we are working on refinement and tweaking.
You are willing to lean in and do the work
You know you work better when in a container that is safe and supportive.
You can show up with your mess and know you will get what you need
You are in this for the long haul.

This is NOT for you if...

You are looking to get help growing your direct sales or network marketing
You want to sit back and be the cheerleader of others without asking for help
You are in your first year of business and this is the first time in business
You are looking for someone to spoon feed you, or tell you what to do