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Who is there when you need honest advice, guidance or tweaking?

Your clients are in awe of you.
Your staff want to keep you happy.
You need the truth to keep you growing...

The reality is that the more you scale up, the less likely you are to find that your staff and clients will give you the straight goods.

Clients and followers have you on a pedestal and often want to be your friend because you are so awesome, or they want to ride your coat tails.

Neither of which helps you to grow as person or as a business CEO.

I know that you get the value of personal growth and I am willing to bet that you have done a shit-ton of personal development courses, trainings, coaching....and maybe even some plant medicine along the way.

They are all great, but what if you had someone you could count on to let you know where you are off track, where you could lean in more, where you are triggered and letting it affect your business?

What if you had someone who knew you so well that they could get you back on track in 10 min?

What if that person was also totally tuned in and deeply connected to the Universe/Source/Spirit?

What would that mean for you?
What would that mean for your business?

That is my super power!
Kicking your ass - with love and getting your business to increase profits as a resul