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About Me

When it comes to picking who you will work with, it is often helpful to know where they come from so allow me to share a wee bit about my personal journey.

Having grown up strict Jehovah Witness (a mild cult), I experiences just about every type of abuse as a child including sexual, psychological, spiritual and some physical abuse.

I left the religion and everyone I knew as family and friends just before I turned 18. I knew I needed out of the crazy and it took me many years and lots of therapy to get to the point where I was sort of happy in my life.

It was not until I was able to do more work that allowed me to integrate and release the trauma from my body that I could actually feel joy, to see a grey day as pretty, to let go of decades of depression.

I have dug deep on my own healing journey and the beauty is that my gift for holding a safe space for others has been born out of the pain and non-safety I experienced in my early years.

I also know the freedom that comes from surrendering and releasing the darkness and pain.

I hope that you choose a guide to take you into the work that will create lasting freedom and ease in your body. I personally think it is the best investment you could ever make. 

You have done inner work before, tried many DIY tools and while you feel pretty good, you notice some things that you would love to change; 

Money flows can be up and down like a toilet seat

You find yourself often in a loop of making yourself wrong, and no amount of "positive thinking" is helping.

You are prone to addiction (food, substance, work or other).

It is NOT your FAULT!

I have worked with clients who have suffered all kinds of trauma and I can tell you that as a professional, that it is possible to have a life that feels fun, vibrant and to break the habit of making yourself wrong.

You are NOT broken!

You have some old programs running in your subconscious brain that were set up a long time ago to keep you safe.

The trouble is that those programs are outdated and not super helpful today.

The good news is that we can change the programming.

There are many self-help tools, some really helpful and some not so much but at some point you will want to work with a trained guide to release the trauma from your body. To surrender inside of a safe space.

I have been holding a safe and sacred space for clients for nearly 3 decades, and if you feel called I would invite you to schedule a meeting with me to see if I am a good fit for your next leg of the healing journey.

I know that it is important to be able to trust your guide, and as such I promise the call is NOT to pressure or persuade you. It is an invitation and the decision will be solely at your discretion. 

Feel free to use the Contact Us Page to send me a message if you want to connect. There is no charge for consultation calls and no obligations either.