Just a few of the amazing clients I have had the pleasure of working with...

 "I could not have gotten as far as I have without you.

Result: Sales have gone from 37% to 68% close. And she released a key employee she knew needed to go, but could not release without the shifting.

Brooke Elder
CEO - Social Tenacity 

 "There’s so much more to what Dana does. I love straight shooters. That’s who Dana is and people like me, like that.
I love that she gets to the root of the problem quickly without a lot of fluff. It is part of what keeps me working with her. Growing me to grow the business." 

Result: busted through a previously stubborn glass ceiling. Currently moving past the 7-figures in her business. 

Stephanie Scheller
CEO - Grow Disrupt 

Tim O'Connor
Golf and Performance Coach

“I met Dana at a time in my life when I was feeling angry, frustrated and completely exhausted. I was pushing hard in business and had no personal life. I called it my spiritual breakdown. I started working 1:1 with Dana and immediately felt a shift in my energy, mood and in my interaction with others. Everyone (and I am everyone!) was noticing, including my clients. Dana taught me how to let go of the negative energy.
The change has been a lighter, freer and more loving approach to everyone and everything, including myself.”

Odette Peek

 "I have gotten more from my coaching with Dana than any other coach or program I have worked with. She is the real deal.

Carl Richards
Carl Speaks

 "Dana worked with me intently for a year and then ever since then, she's my trusted advisor. My tweaking at this point is like a 10 minutes here and there and I just call her. I see such huge growth in myself and in my business. 

She helps you with negotiation skills to elevate your income. She's great at energy clearing to get you refocus when you're swirly or when you're being impacted in some way. She does mind-set training to own your genius. She does messaging and marketing intuition down lows, leadership skills, intuitive business energy health and wellness your business for all.

She is likely stuck with me for life. I love having her in my corner" 

Cindy Ashton
Presentation Coach, Singer, Performer

 "Dana worked with the trauma, and what I like is how she doesn’t get dramatic about it. She doesn’t get in a drama of a trauma. She also reminds me that I can work with my own. I am somebody who has a back logs, all sorts of shit and most people can’t stand on that ground on me. I don’t know how you’d coach this I’d say - 90% of them have no clue how to stand ground with me in my trauma.  Dana never needed time to understand it or any of that. She didn’t get it in the drama of my crazy and I loved that!

She is able to hold space in a way that not many do!"

Susan Clarke
Co-Founder of Thrive Inc.  

 "Susan started working with Dana and was raving about her, and given that Susan does not like many coaches I had to try her out too. 
When I worked with Dana, the embodiment work was so magical along with all the other tools. It was really so powerful." 

Result: Stopped pushing and recognized what HER goals were separate from what she thought she should be striving for. Ease in being present. 

CrisMarie Cambell
Co-Founder of Thrive & former Olympian

 " Dana Pharant is the BEST coach I have ever worked with.  Seriously, so strong, intuitive, and kind hearted as well.  She has supported me in growing a coaching business that made about 2k per month to 12.5k but here is the POINT it is all about just being me and doing the deep energetic soul centered work that allows for me to remain in abundance mindset at all times.  So much love, peace, and gratitude to you Dana Pharant :)))))"

Christopher Kent
Un-teacher @ The No One Self  

"Dana is gifted and she is able to help you see your blind spots.

Because of her, I had my best revenue month.

I suggest getting on a call with her and let her help you."

Transcend Abundance

 " Huge thank you to Dana. Working with her helped me to step into my confidence which allowed me to drop a job that was keeping me small and get my Real estate license. I was rocking things right from the get go and this past month I have had $100,000 in commission - from ONE month of sales and listings. She is an amazing coach!"

Shauna McAlpine
Real Estate Agent