Life After Access

Sifting and sorting through what to keep and what to ditch from Access Consciousness - from a former Certified Facilitator. .

Course Summary

There are great things about AC, however, there are also some very interesting "points of view" and twisting of tools as you rise up the ranks. Please note that all views and clearings are based on my awarenesses as a CF and my observations from 4 years with this modality. Take what you want and leave the rest. This is designed to empower you more into choice and trusting your own knowing.

As someone who has grown up in a cult and studied them extensively, I am really committed to showcasing how to stay in your own awareness. It is super easy to get swept up in the momentum of a movement, a modality or a cause.

But there really is life after access ;)

This program caused much controversy in the AC when I released it, but it also allowed many people to choose what parts worked for them and which needed to be dropped.

My name is Dana Pharant and I was heavily involved in AC for 4 years, going to all the courses and becoming a CF. Then after I began to see some cracks and asked some hard questions I was asked to leave.

These videos go into that story but more important they give you the space to see things from what you actually know.

It took me a while to untangle, and find peace with the journey and I hope this course helps you with yours. 

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Dana Pharant


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