Do you battle to make big choices for yourself and your business?

Do you always feel overwhelmed and stressed?

Are you constantly questioning your decisions inside and out of the boardroom?

Stop tripping yourself up and start getting sh*t done!

Welcome to Badass Intuition Mastery
Level 1

Discover Your Business Edge

Learn to harness the power of using your intuition:

  • Make powerful decisions with confidence
  • Become more efficient - time is money
  • Put an end to the guessing game inside your head

It is time for you to master your mind!

Things go off course quickly when you fail to follow your intuition. Doubt, second thoughts, and stress build, hindering you from making important choices costing you valuable time and resources.

Learn to trust yourself through this simple but powerful process and turn your life around.

Badass Intuition Mastery - Level 1

This program is for those of you who like to 'get shit done' and get on with life.

What to Expect:

  • The 6-week course is built to give you the time needed to implement the new skills you will be learning.
                 > The 6-week course is built to give you the time needed to implement the new skills you will be learning.
  • Each week will take you 5 min- 20 min to complete, making them easy to fit in your complicated schedule.
                 > Use the Deeper Dive videos for a more detailed explanation, driving home each lesson.
  • Bonus module on teaching you how to differentiate your intuition from your subconscious mind (aka the saboteur).

I have dug deep and done most of the work for you so the material is simple, easy to understand and crystal clear.

Dana asked me to review this book because she knows I am also an expert in teaching people how to lean in and trust their intuition. I chose to do my own "back to basics" and put myself through the exercises and the result created a happy bum wiggle outcome.
I have had 3 former clients reach out to me out of the blue for Dominatrix services that I decided (but not yet advertised) to offer once again. Resulting in almost 10k in sales. 

Empress Gaia 

Sexual Wellness Educator and Pro Domme

With Dana's help I have been able to lean into following my intuition and as a result I am making at least 2x what I was before, but more importantly I am doing it with WAY more ease.

I easily attract my ideal clients and say NO to the ones that would end up being time sucking ones. Thank you Dana. 

Cindy Ashton

Presentation Trainer, Singer, Actress

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At the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Lean effortlessly and accurately into your intuition
  • Make the right decisions for yourself and your business
  • Eliminate stress by putting an end to second guessing and “what-ifs”
  • Grow in self-confidence
  • Save time, money, and resources by knowing what is needed to resolve
    challenges quickly

  • It’s time for you to take back your life, crush self doubt and step into the power of your intuition!

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  • Lifetime Access
  • $179 USD

    Get into the course now and start to harness the power of your intuition.

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